Enjoy the comfort of digital flight time
with capzlog.aero

Focus on your duties in the cockpit and
leave bureaucracy behind

Your airtime is precious
and too short for typing errors

General Aviation

  • Control, navigate and export your flight data exactly as in your physical book, including remarks, page and grand totals & much more
  • Create automatically filled-in forms for revalidation of class ratings
  • SEP and MEP Class Currency: PAX, Night, Instrument & more including renewal information
  • Unlimited and outstanding charts, graphs and plots, fully configurable

Software Specific

  • Specifically designed for European Pilots: Adhering to EASA and FOCA (Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation) regulatory frameworks
  • Swiss Made software developed by pilots for pilots
  • Strong data protection on high quality infrastructure in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Our data bases support more than 150k aircrafts and 7k airfields from all over the world
  • Filter and export flights by any criteria: times, durations, landings, aircrafts, remarks & many more
  • Monitor your licenses, medicals and ratings as well as airfield accreditations or membership expirations and configure email reminders

Commercial Aviation

  • Automatic data import from existing airline systems
  • All EASA Type Ratings supported: Currency for PAX, Night, IFR & more including renewal information
  • Customize your views for immediate access to relevant experiences such as PIC time by aircraft registrations, Landings in last 90 days or any other criteria you can think of
  • Automatic calculation of day and night time from route data
  • Platform independent, accessible from all devices from all around the world
  • User-driven development: Get involved and control what features are to be introduced

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