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Quality Software

capzlog.aero stresses quality, security and usability. All parts of the software are developed in Zurich, Switzerland and meet highest standards.

BAZL/FOCA Integrations

Designed for European Pilots: Adhering to EASA regulatory frameworks. Customized services for BAZL/FOCA (Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation) such as automatic creation of revalidation forms.

General Aviation

Monitor your state of recency with respect to medicals, instrument, pax and remuneration in terms of Block and PIC time or Landings. Configure reminders for any rating, medical or other privilege.

Am I current?

Avoid errors in your flight experience with advanced validation mechanisms. Automatic calculation from operational condition times (day/night) as well as pilot (SP/MP) and engine (SE/ME) modes.

Automatic Calculations

Directly extract relevant experience data for rating revalidation and documentary proof in official EASA logbook format. Navigate and control your data exactly as in your logbook and license.

Data Control

Cooperation and References

Airlines & Commercial Aviation

Automatic data exchange with existing airline operating systems free airline pilots from manual recording of flight time. Have a look at our references and contact us for more information!

Fully Automated

Immediate access to actual flight experience on any type rating, engine type or aircraft variant. Extract relevant flights and totals ready-to-print in appropriate professional formats.

Job Applications

Cooperation and References

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Features and Subscriptions

Supported Features Basic Free Subscription Premium Subscription
(3 months free trial)
  Recording of Flight Time
All Data Items from EASA Part-FCL.050 "Recording of Flight Time"
Expert Flight Data Validation Algorithms
  Error Avoidance and Speed-Up in Recording
Operational Condition Times and Landings
  VFR, IFR, Y, Z, Day, Night & More
Pilot Function Times and Landings
  PIC, Copi, Dual, Instructor, Jump Seat & More
Automatic Night Time Calculation from Route Data
Automatic SE/ME and MP Times from Aircraft Model
Aircraft Registrations, ICAO Model Designators, Manufacturers, Engine Types (Piston, Turboprop, Jet & more), Wake Turbulence Categories, Required License Endorsements.
Aircraft Database with More Than 150,000 Registered Aircraft
Airport Database with More Than 7,000 Registered Airfields
Mountain Landings
PIC Name: configure "Self", "First Last", "F. Last" for automatic form filling
Sailplane Towing Flights upcoming upcoming
Additional Data
  Airborne Time, Aircraft Counter, Take Offs
  Flight Data Management
Powerful Filters and Flight Selection
Additional Logbook Entries
  Prof Checks, Skill Tests, Remarks, Signatures & More
Direct Edit and Flight Details
Export (Filtered) Flight Lists to PDF
Export (Filtered) Flight Lists to CSV
  Logbook Reports
Out-of-the-Box exact logbook formats:
  • FOCA Logbook
  • Flugbuch für Piloten (Aero Club der Schweiz)
  • JEPPESEN European FCL.050
  • Fully Customizable*
* lines per page, page numbering, remark inclusion, jump seat & more
Direct Edit and Flight Details
Times and Landings Totals for Current Page
Include Remark Rows in Reports
Times and Landings Totals Previous Pages and Grand Totals
Export to PDF
Export to HTML
  Licenses & Ratings
  • Main Licenses: LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL, MPL
  • Class Ratings: SEP/TMG, MEP
  • Type Ratings: SPA / SP HPA / MPA
  • Ratings: Night, (E)IR, Towing, Mountain, Aerobatics, TMG, Instructors
  • Language Proficiencies and Radio Telephony Privileges
  • Theory: MCC (A), IR with PBN, ATPL (A) theory
Exact Graphical Representation of the Pilot License and Medical
License Monitoring and Expiration Statuses
Customizable Reminders for Each Rating
Memberships, Airfield Accreditations and Personal Authorizations
  Recency Requirements
      Current to Fly?
Class and Type Ratings Validity and Recency
 Medical, IR, Language and Radio Proficiency Validity*
 Flights as PIC with PAX and at Night*
 Instrument Flight Rules*
 Renumeration and Commercial Air Transport*
* for all Class and Type Ratings for Aeroplanes
  Including Launch Methods
LAPL (A) upcoming
  Revalidation and Automatic Form Creation
Direct Overview for Relevant Revalidation Requirements
Total Flight Time, PIC Time, Landings & Takeoffs, Route Sectors
Overview of Current, Required and Remaining Values
Export Prepared Revalidation Forms (FOCA / BAZL)
  • EASA/FOCA Form 60.521: Revalidation Class Rating SEP / TMG
  • EASA/FOCA Form 60.525: CR/TR/IR SP(A) except complex HPA
  • EASA/FOCA Form 60.526: TR SP coml HPA
  • EASA/FOCA Form 60.530: TR MP & ATPL EASA
  • EASA/FOCA Form 60.628: MOUNTAIN Rating (A) revalidation
  • EASA/FOCA Form 69.800: IR PBN Grandfathering including "Knowledge Verification Guidance Material"
* including all required details and experience figures
Mountain Rating MOU: monitor required 6 landings
  Charts and Statistics
Personal History Charts, Experience over Time
Predefined Bar and Pie Charts
Custom Bar and Pie Charts
Charts Data in Table Format
Customizable Experience Table
  • Block, Airborne, Landings
  • Time Periods
  • Operational Conditions, Pilot Functions, Engine
Experience by Aircraft Types
  • Block, Airborne, Landings
  • First and Last Flight
  • Operational Conditions, Pilot Functions
  EASA License Endorsements
Class and Type Rating Experience
Aircraft Models per License Endorsement
Single Pilot High Performance Complex and Non-Complex Aircraft Type Ratings
Multi Pilot Type Ratings