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Pilot eLogbook is an electronic presentation of the BAZL pilot logbook that every JAR licensed pilot must fill in.

Pilot eLogbook allows you to enter your flight data and helps you fill in some details like flight time (based on start and end time), page time sums and total sums.

Pilot eLogbook follows the design of the blue BAZL logbook shown on the right. In the future more designs may be supported.

Pilot eLogbook and Pilot Logbook

Pilot eLogbook does not replace your paper BAZL logbook. BAZL clearly states that you as a licensed pilot are obliged to keep a record in an official JAR logbook. You can however use Pilot eLogbook to help you fill in the paper logbook by automatically calculating flight times and flight time sums. Pilot eLogbook provides you also with some additional features.

Additional Features

Pilot eLogbook provides interesting additional features like storing electronic copies of your flight documents (e.g. paper logbook scans, check lists and AFM manuals) and assigning prices to the flights to calculate the price of your flying experience, which can also help you in planning your budget.

Pilot eLogbook also provides different statistics about flight times, landing, experience with different aircraft types, different flight conditions and pilot functions as well as information about total and unpaid prices of flights.


Pilot eLogbook is free. You can download it, use it and distribute it freely.

If you are happy with Pilot eLogbook you can donate to support the project and keep it online. However it is your choice if and how much you want to donate.

More Information

You can find much more about Pilot eLogbook on the FAQ page and download it here.